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This website was created to help consumers with the complex and time consuming process of estate administration and probate. When a family member is named in a Last Will and Testament as the estate executor they often feel honored and privileged. But as they learn their important duties to properly handle the estate affairs they are often overwhelmed.This interactive blog website can ease the burden on the estate executor and improve the communication process with estate professionals (attorney, realtors, appraisers) and estate beneficiaries.

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Get Along with Your Co-Executor or It Will Cost You

We recently looked at a case where an estate trustee was held personally liable for costs as a result of his actions in connection with estate assets.  However, as a recent Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench case shows, if you are a co-executor, learn to get along with the other executor or you too may find yourselfContinue Reading

Changes to the Ontario probate rules

On March 29, 2011, the Ontario government introduced its budget as Bill 173, the “Better Tomorrow for Ontario Act (Budget Measures), 2011”. In the middle of Bill 173, at Schedule 14, are several small but very important changes to the Estate Administration Tax Act, 1998, the statute that governs Ontario’s probate tax. While the changesContinue Reading

How real estate is sold when there is no Will

A valid Last Will and Testament is a useful tool to distribute or sell real estate after a person dies. A Will directs which beneficiary will get what asset and who has the authority to take action to sell real estate assets through a probate realtor. But what happens to a decedent’s property when theyContinue Reading